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BTV Action TV channel

bTV Action online is a Bulgarian man-based television channel. The channel, along with sports channel RING.BG, bTV, BTV Comedy and bTV Cinema are part of bTV Media Group, owned by the US media conglomerate CME.

 History BTV Action

On 1998 was launched the first Bulgarian ethereal television - TOP TV. Later the television extended its coverage, but it was shut-off on 2004. The company was bought in 2005 and in 2006 the television started as CTN. One year later, in 2007, it was re-bought and re-branded to TV2. The channel was bought by Central European Media Enterprises with the sports television Ring TV in 2008 and re-branded to PRO.BG in 2009. This rebranding is believed to be inspired by the Romanian largest TV channel PRO TV, also owned by CME as the founder of this channel Adrian Sarbu became the CEO of CME. The channel was then re-branded as bTV Action when CME bought "bTV Media Group" (bTV, bTV Comedy and bTV Cinema) in 2010.

Programme BTV Action

bTV Action is a men-oriented channel showing actual programs, sports and action films

The channel, along with Diema broadcasts the UEFA Champions League, and whit BNT 1 and RING.BG broadcasts the UEFA Europa League, the Volleyball European Championship and Carling Cup.

bTV Action Online

bTV Action online

bTV Action Online

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